Welcome to APACE

The APACE (Australasian Professional Acknowledgement of Continuing Education) scheme is a voluntary programme that recognises continuing education, formal courses and a wide range of professional activities which contribute to your professional growth.

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid change. We are expected to keep our knowledge and skills up to date to enable us to perform to the highest professional standard. The APACE scheme provides a method by which your professional activities are recognised.

APACE has been approved by the New Zealand Medical Laboratory Science Board as a re-certification programme for New Zealand Medical Laboratory Scientists.

APACE has been approved by the Royal College of Pathologists Australia (RCPA) as a continuing professional development recognition programme for Fellows of the Faculty of Science.


APACE Accreditation is achievable by all.

Credit where credit is due!

APACE is a registered trademark of the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists.