Immunohaematology Quality Assurance Program


The AIMS Immunohaematology Quality Assurance Program runs from 1 July to 30 June each year. The program consists of six sets of samples per year. Exercises in blood grouping, antibody screening and identification, compatibility testing and other immunohaematological procedures which form the routine workload of blood bank laboratories will be included. Various levels of difficulty will be included in each set to allow participation by both small and large laboratories. Each set will normally contain sufficient samples to allow for duplicate testing. In addition to providing the expected results, the reports will contain discussion on methodology and theoretical aspects of the exercise, so providing valuable continuing education material.


  • Runs bi-monthly starting in June at the beginning of each financial year
  • Level of difficulty to suit both small and large laboratories
  • Includes blood grouping, antibody screening / identification and compatibility testing
  • Ability to send multiple returns on the one subscription
  • The reports provide participants' own results along with graphical representation of the results of their peers allowing for easy comparison and analysis by supervising staff
  • Absolute confidentiality of results is assured.


To enrol in the Immunohaematology Quality Assurance Program or for further information please contact Steve Mackay.