Postgraduate Courses


The primary qualification for Medical Laboratory Scientists in Australia is a three or four year degree in medical laboratory science/laboratory medicine, accredited by AIMS. Please visit the Undergraduate Courses page for details on the AIMS accredited Undergraduate Courses.

The following directed medical laboratory science / laboratory medicine master degree programme in Australia has been accredited by AIMS.

Graduates of this degree will be classified as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and eligible for Professional membership of AIMS.

It is the responsibility of all prospective applicants who hold an AIMS accredited degree to ensure the subjects completed comply with the AIMS accreditation requirements in order to gain assessment as a medical scientist or Professional membership of AIMS. These requirements are stated in the AIMS accreditation report held by the university. Prospective applicants should contact the program co-ordinator at the University for advice on these requirements.

Master of Laboratory Medicine (AIMS accreditation requirements must be complied with)

If your qualification is not on the AIMS accredited programmes list, AIMS can provide an assessment of your professional skills and qualifications. AIMS provide assessments to holders of all science based qualifications obtained in Australia or overseas.

Please visit the relevant assessment page for detailed information: