Scholarships for AIMS/AACB National Scientific Meeting

19th Feb 16

Up to four scholarships of $1500 each will be offered to financial members of AIMS in 2016 to support attendance at the AIMS/AACB National Scientific Meeting to be held at Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane, 13 - 15 September 2016. 

Applicants must be members of AIMS at the time of the application, and must have held membership for at least six months at that time. Affiliate, retained, corporate or student members are not eligible to apply.

Other eligibility criteria may apply to each scholarship/award.

Conditions of scholarships/awards
The successful applicants must be available to take up the scholarship/award to attend the National Scientific Meeting in 2016. Successful applicants will be advised by June 20th 2016.

Funds will be used for registration costs. Any remaining funds may be applied to travel, and/or accommodation costs. Payment of the scholarship will be made on receipt of documentary evidence of expenditure.

All recipients of AIMS scholarships are expected to write a short report (300-500) words on their experience at the NSM for possible publication in the Australian Journal of Medical Science

AIMS reserves the right not to make an award in any category.

Remote Attendee Scholarship
Up to three scholarships are available in this category.
Applicants must live and work in a rural or remote area of Australia. In general rural and remote will be defined as an area more than five hundred kilometres outside the capital city of a mainland State or more than two hundred kilometres outside Hobart, or more than one hours driving time away from a teaching hospital or educational centre. However, applicants from other areas may apply and present a reasoned case for consideration.

Early Career Scholarship
One scholarship is available in this category.
Applicants must be Graduates or full Members of the Institute, must have been in employment for no more than five years since graduation and must be under 30 years of age at 4th September 2016. Employment documentation must be provided.

Applicants must give examples of any special projects or initiatives of an investigative, scientific nature that is original work. These projects may be part of a team initiative but the applicant must demonstrate their involvement and commitment to the project. Examples may include the development of a new assay or being involved in commissioning a new laboratory instrument. Applicants must also demonstrate their reasons for wishing to attend the NSM and the relevance of the NSM to their professional practice. Total length of application must not exceed 500 words. This may be published in the Australian Journal of Medical Science.

Applications for scholarships must be on the appropriate application form.

Click here for the Remote Attendee Scholarship application form. 
Click here for the Early Career Scientist Scholarship application form. 

Applications should be lodged electronically to 

ON MONDAY 25th APRIL 2016.

Please note that late applications will not be accepted.