17th Nov 15

The APACE (Australasian Professional Acknowledgement of Continuing Education) scheme is a voluntary program that recognises continuing education, formal courses and a wide range of professional activities which contribute to your professional growth.

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid change. We are expected to keep our knowledge and skills up to date to enable us to perform to the highest professional standard. The APACE scheme provides a method by which your professional activities are recognised.

APACE is free to AIMS members, why not use the system to record your CPD and thereby show your commitment to ongoing education. There is a helpful step-by step guide and also a section of FAQs. If you need more help you can contact the national office.


APACE Updates

  • Points for journal questionnaires. The APACE Executive Committee reviewed the CEU allocation for the activity ‘Structured reading: per set of questions answered correctly from each issue of the AJMS.
  • The committee found that in the context of all APACE activities as a whole the claimable CEU per Structured reading activity was excessive. Henceforth the activity will entitle the APACE user to 3 CEU per successfully completed questionnaire with a yearly limit of 4 claims totalling 12 CEU. This also applies to SIRT journal questionnaires.
  • MTS Limit: The APACE Executive Committee decided that MTS claims for hours of on-line instruction and passed examinations should be capped at 30 CEU per APACE diary submission. The 30 CEU can be made up of hours of on-line instruction and/or passed examinations. The cap is designed to ensure that APACE online diary submissions contain a wider variety of CPD activities rather than reliance on one form of CPD. The cap applies to all forms of on-line instruction.
  • Mandatory evidence for some activities: evidence will now be required for many activities at the time of lodgement as part of the commitment to increasing the efficiency, accountability and accuracy of the APACE program. The evidence should be attached as a relevant image, document or link. Scanned attendance certificates or other supporting documentation as well as accurate details of the activity should be provided.
  • To gain APACE certification at least 100 CEU must be accrued in a 2 year time frame. For existing APACE users APACE on-line diaries will be automatically assessed close to the expiry of your accreditation period. APACE diaries will no longer be assessed automatically on accrual of 100 CEU unless the above time condition is satisfied.