Become a peer reviewer for the AJMS

The Journal welcomes enquiries from experienced scientists who are interested in joining the Journal’s Review Panel. Reviewers can normally expect to receive up to four articles a year which should be completed and returned to the Editorial Office within three weeks.

Reviewers should have a good in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of their field, however, previous experience as a reviewer is not essential. Experience with writing articles for publication, or for other purposes such as diagnostic reports, conference or in-house presentations, or for management purposes, is an advantage.

If you would like to register your interest as a reviewer please complete the form below.

Application to become a peer reviewer for the AJMS

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Please complete the following form to register your interest as a reviewer for the AJMS. There is no obligation to accept an article for review. Reviewers will not be asked to review any more than four articles a year.

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