Membership Options

Membership is open to anyone interested in medical science who supports the objectives of AIMS.

We invite and welcome Medical Scientists in the disciplines of Genetics, Microbiology, Haematology, Blood transfusion, Cytology, Clinical biochemistry, General laboratory, Management, and Immunology to join AIMS.

We also welcome Medical Researchers, Laboratory Technologists, and other medical science staff.


The professional levels of membership ensure that members are readily identifiable as a medical scientist in the eyes of their employer and fellow scientists. Likewise, the technical level identifies the member as a technical officer or technical assistant.

Membership Classifications

Professional Membership

  • FELLOW (FAIMS) – MEMBER who has passed the Fellowship Examination according to the guidelines approved by AIMS.
  • MEMBER (MAIMS) – Graduate member who has a minimum of 2 years postgraduate medical laboratory experience, or member who has passed the AIMS Professional Examination or AIMS Membership Examination, or an applicant with qualifications accepted by AIMS.
  • GRADUATE – Member who has completed an AIMS accredited medical laboratory science degree. It is the responsibility of all prospective applicants who hold an AIMS accredited degree to ensure the subjects completed comply with the AIMS accredited pathway in order to gain Professional membership of AIMS. These requirements are stated in the AIMS accreditation report held by the university. Prospective applicants should contact the program co-ordinator at the University for advice on these requirements.

Technical Membership

  • INTERMEDIATE – A member who has completed an approved diploma in medical laboratory science, or equivalent from a recognised tertiary institution & who has completed 2 years experience; or a member who has completed an acceptable, but not accredited, science degree and who has not completed the AIMS Professional Examination or the AIMS Membership Examination.

Retained Membership

  • RETAINED membership is available to individuals over the age of 60 years who are no longer working or working less than 10 hours per week and have held voting membership (Intermediate, Graduate, Member (MAIMS), Fellow (FAIMS)) with AIMS for a minimum of five years. To apply for retained membership click here.
    Retained members continue to enjoy the rights of their previous class of membership; i.e. if the individual is a Professional Member at the time of being reclassified, they shall continue to enjoy the rights of a Professional Member (excluding the right to hold office). This includes the right to vote at general meetings, discount registration for events, the Australian Journal of Medical Science, and access to online learning resources.

Non Voting Membership

  • AFFILIATE – We are open to all who support the objectives of AIMS. We have a membership option to show your support.
  • STUDENT – Student membership is available to individuals enrolled in courses leading directly to professional and technical classifications of membership approved by AIMS.

Note: only FELLOW, MEMBER, GRADUATE and INTERMEDIATE classifications have voting rights