Certification of Supporting Documentation - Membership

All supporting documents submitted with an application for membership must be correctly certified in accordance with the below requirements. All supporting documents must be sent in hard copy.

Documents certified in Australia

Documents in Australia may be certified by people authorised to witness a statutory declaration.

Both of the following are acceptable:
  • Documents stamped and signed by an authorised witness stating the words "certified true copy of the original"; AND
  • Documents attached to a statutory declaration form (available here) stating the attached documents are true copies of the original and witnessed by an authorised person.

Documents certified overseas

Documents certified in a country other than Australia must be certified by a Notary Public or an official of an Australian Embassy or Consulate. Documents must be stamped and signed by a suitable certifying officer who verifies that they have sighted the original document and that the photocopy that they are certifying is a true copy of that original.

Each photocopied page of all documentation must be certified on the face and must show clearly the words "certified true copy of the original", the signature of the certifying officer and the name and address or provider/registration number of the certifying officer. It must be possible from the details provided for AIMS to verify the certifications by contacting the certifying officer if necessary.

For information on document certification requirements for an application for assessment of professional skills and qualifications, please click here.