AIMS Strategic Plan 2016-19

The AIMS Strategic Plan 2016-19 documents our approach to leading recognition and excellence in medical science to ensure improved health outcomes.

We exist to represent and support our members. Key areas are grouped as follows with 25 specific areas identified to ensure a clear plan of action.

  1. Advocacy
    Representing members and working with government and stakeholders.
  2. Membership
    Ensuring value and benefits to increase and grow.
  3. Events, Continuing Education and Professional Development
    Improved approach and range of events. Support for self-regulation pilot options.
  4. Research & Innovation
    Partnering and supporting members ideas and work in this area
  5. Staff & Governance
    Reviewing our governance approach and alliances.

A detailed version of the AIMS Strategic Plan 2016-19 outlines the 25 actions AIMS has committed to take.

The AIMS Board and Advisory Council have approved the AIMS Strategic Plan 2016- 19. The plan has been developed based on previous strategic work at AIMS and also recent member feedback sought during late 2015.