Frequently Asked Questions

Membership FAQ's

Q. What is the benefit of being a member of AIMS?
AIMS members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including networking and professional development opportunities, information and updates on developments in the sector, a subscription to the Australian Journal of Medical Science, and representation to health, science and innovation stakeholders and representatives of Government. You can read more about the AIMS membership benefits here. We are also in the process of developing a loyalty program that will enable members to save more than their membership fee in other savings.

Q. Is my AIMS membership tax deductable?
Yes, in Australia. You may wish to check with your accountant as many education costs related to your paid employment may also be claimed.

Q. I am a Phlebotomist – can I join and what are the fees?
AIMS is open to everyone interested or working in Medical Science. We are the peak body for all disciplines of Medical Science and have various categories to suit all people, even those interested in the area without experience working in Pathology. Phlebotomists are eligible to join AIMS as Affiliate members. Please refer to the Membership section on our website for details of the fees and application process.

Q. I want to upgrade my membership to full member and am eligible to sit the membership exam. I have been working in one department only so I don’t think I could pass the general examination. Is there a discipline specific one that I could sit?
The AIMS Membership Examination has two options once you have been approved as eligible for the examinations by the Membership Committee.
You can sit for the AIMS Membership Multidisciplinary Examination which has 5 sections (Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, Histopathology/Cytology, Blood Transfusion and Haematology) or you can sit the AIMS Membership Single Discipline Examination for members based in Australia only. For more information, please see the AIMS Membership Examination page.

Q. My membership has lapsed. Do I need to resubmit all of my paperwork?
If you have previously been a member with AIMS, it is likely that we have retained your file at our National Office and you will not be required to resubmit your supporting documentation. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist by looking for your file and providing further advice on re-joining.

Q. My membership has lapsed and I want to rejoin AIMS but I have heard that I have to pay all the back subscriptions. Is this true?
It is your decision. We encourage continuous membership but in some cases if you have not been a member for a long period of time we understand that you may want to start your membership as fresh. If so, the only fees you have to pay are a small application fee and your annual membership fee. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to explain your options for re-joining.

Qualification Assessment FAQ's

Q. I wish to apply for assessment for migration purposes. What is the process?
The Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS) has been specified by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection in accordance with the Migration Regulations 1994 as the assessing authority for the occupations Medical Laboratory Scientist (ANZSCO 234611), Medical Laboratory Technician (ANZSCO 311213) and Pathology Collector/Phlebotomist (ANZSCO Code 311216).

Skills and qualifications of applicants are individually assessed by a committee of AIMS. To apply for assessment of skills please complete the form Application for Assessment of Professional Skills and Qualifications. This form, together with guidelines, can be printed from our website here.

Please note, AIMS membership cannot be used for migration purposes. However, you are welcome to apply for membership with your application for assessment for migration purposes.

Event Registration FAQ's

Q. I am a member, but I am being charged the non-member price?
AIMS Members must, when registering, include their exact details and email address that was submitted to AIMS when completing the membership forms. This includes – correct name (shortened or full name), exact email address, exact primary address.
If these details do not match the non-member price will be charged as the website does not recognise you as a AIMS Member. To avoid this log onto the AIMS member section first and check your details.
Also if someone is doing a group booking they need to ensure all details are 100 percent correct.

As you can appreciate if details are not correct it takes a significant amount of administrative time for us to update details . To keep event costs low we will only make changes in extraordinary circumstances if correct details are not provided.

Q. How do I have an invoice sent to me?
An invoice will be sent regardless what method of payment is made. If you would like to pay from an invoice only you can nominate this at the payment options page. To be invoiced, tick the ‘CHEQUE’ or "EFT" box and then submit order. The invoice will be emailed to you.

Q. I would like to register myself and a group of others.
Once you have checked your details the next page allows you to reserve additional spots. To do this enter in the number of additional spots required. You will need to know everyones details as per their AIMS membership to be charged the correct price.

Q. I was half way through a registration and the system timed out, now what?
Log onto the AIMS member section and select 'My Event Registrations'. Any incomplete registrations will appear on this page. You can select the event and finalise the registration.

Q. I am still having trouble with registering on line, what now?
Contact or call AIMS National Office.