As Australia's peak professional body for all disciplines of medical science, we are here to make sure the voice of medical science is heard.

Through the efforts of members we aim to reduce the current health system fragmentation and promote greater health system teamwork and improved communication to improve health outcomes.

Moving forward we will share key member concerns and innovation opportunities with all levels of government to ensure medical science and our members are recognised and continue to provide quality services.

What We Represent

The following are the key positions of AIMS on behalf of members to government and opposition parties:

Medical Science Recognition We seek greater government and industry support and recognition for medical scientists and other professionals who are the often unrecognised and quiet achievers who ensure quality diagnostic information that support our world class health system.

Self-Regulation We support self-regulation and are developing options to pilot a national medical science self-regulation program to ensure and promote continued professional development.

Workforce We support and seek input into an updated workforce picture of Medical Laboratory Science in Australia to better plan for continued provision of a quality services and request support from federal, state and territories to address this problem.

Professional Excellence AIMS believes in ensuring medical science professionals and staff get the recognition and continued support for professional excellence that the community and profession require to continue to provide a world class system and provides numerous current awards and recognition opportunities.

Partnership Approach Our Institute aims to strengthen our approach working with collegiate bodies in Australia and overseas as well as Australian and overseas governments to support the industry for improved patient and health outcome benefit.

Innovation & Research We support greater government and industry resource and support for research, innovation, training and development to ensure a continued world class approach to medical diagnostic science in Australia. We believe in the talent and commitment of members that with further industry and government support can continue to help lead a quality global health care system.